Sarvepalli Vidya Niketan

About Us

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill a love for learning"- Brad Henry.

Sarvepalli! The name that inspires every teacher and student alike!!Invoking the name evokes respect, awe and inspiration!!! Its teaching-core lives up to the above quote.


While encouraging the students to speak their mind in their chosen language, we help them nourish their careers by imparting such skills that enhance their esteem, confidence, courage by helping them hone their soft and communicative skills and to adapt to any new situations and challenges.

In our quest to build a knowledge-driven society, we strive to enrich the pupils with secular knowledge, envision for them a chart for future, endear them to society by imbibing ethics, etiquette and enlightened values.

We at Sarvepalli, believe in the integrated approach for the holistic growth of students to become "a boy metamorphosed in to sycamore (a towering citizen) of social engine that triggers and moves the vehicle of the society at large".

Our Years of experience and meticulous observation of the patterns and needs of the students, enable us to provide the right dose of curricular knowledge topped by stimulating the appetite for learning beyond the realms of their learning domain.

The Ken (Knowledge) and Zen(Power)of learning arms the child for many a future requirements and contingencies.

Our approach is student-centric and gravitating towards the current academic requirements.

We adopt a judicious blend of proven learning skills and methods.

Our Mission & Vision

With a desire to perpetuate the legacy and spirit of the great philosopher, statesman-president and teacher---the venerable Sarvepalli Radha krishnan, we launched this institution named : Sarvepalli Vidya Niketan, in Srungavarapukota,Vizianagaram District,AP. With an avowed vision to empower the society by the well-informed, well-mannered and well-learned individuals, The Sarvepalli Vidya Niketan School was established in 2001.

The Roadmap to fulfill our ends and realizing the goals

Curricular: Robust teaching methods in the Class-room, Interactive learning,regular drilling and practice, Mnemonics,Adoption of Long-lasting Memory(retention) techniques

Co-curricular:Worksheets to improve comprehensibility of the subject of instruction,Innovative methods to inspire lateral-thinking, Class-room and Home Assignments, Field-works, Audio-visuals to enhance comprehensibility of the topics taught.

Extra-curricular: Field-trips and Picnics

Somatic: Physical Training has many virues and we provide such a serene atmosphere in our playgrounds Stimulating activities: Cruciverbalism(cross-word puzzles), Sudoku, Quizzing, Mathematrics, Group-frolic activity, Fun learning.


Salient Features:

Pre-primary: Nursery ,LKG and UKG

Primary: 1st to 5th standards

Secondary: 6th to 10th standards

As there is a popular demand and encore for class-room strength, we are expanding the bench-strength for each class to meet the demand.

Syllabus: A unified syllabus with emphasize on state curriculum and many methods and teaching kits, lesson plans to meet the desired expectations and needs.

Lab: Computer lab for audio-visuals and exhibits and presentations and also for Language lab.

To stimulate the inherent talent and potential of the student, we make the child experiment vis-avis science principles by encouraging them to attend Science-fairs and other such platforms where child can express his abilities in complete finesse,passion and panache.

Our students of previous years excelled in district level and state level sports and Games. We shall continue to endeavor to make them icons of sports and games.